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Why French & Sliding Doors Work For Us

The first of French doors can be dated back to the end of the Renaissance period in the 17th century. The original intent of them was to allow light to flow from room to room and keep homes illuminated for long periods during the day. By the end of the 17th century, Britain was seeing French doors for the first time, and shortly after that they starting being shown in America, especially in Louisiana where they are still seen today.

French doors are gorgeous doors that contain glass windows. These windows are sometimes alternately known as lights. The majority of the time, they will be double doors. These florid panels contain multiple unique characteristics that set them apart from other doors. These designs generally include: Glazed glass, elaborate wood carvings, and sometimes even stained glass. Sliding and folding designs of French doors are also manufactured, and they are gaining in popularity.

French doors often replace patio doors to allow more light into the home. In fact, they can be common in every entrance of the house. They make great front entryways, and can be secured to the ground with locks for security. Many people elect to feature them in every room of their house, because they add light and a wonderful ambiance to every room they're featured in.

There are various styles of French doors currently available. The most prevalent style are double ones. These can be installed in bathrooms, bedrooms, or the office and swing open nicely to give the room an inviting atmosphere. Double French doors come in two styles: In-swing, which are hung so they open into a room, and out-swing panels which open to the outside of the room. The style of your liking can be determined by where you plan to put them.

Another option is folding or multi panel ones. Folding French doors are a double one that slides into a panel to save space. This design adds both light and a modern look to your outdoor patio or room. These can either open partially or fully and are hinged together like an accordion and are mounted on a single track for convenient opening and closing.

French doors can either be installed inside or outside of the home, and will always give the area you choose a stylish and modern look.

Why Use Sliding Closet Doors?

Sliding Closet Doors

When I was younger, I always thought of doors as having some form of supernatural power within them. I read a great deal, especially fiction and science fiction. A doorway was always leading to a world of the unexpected. Open the door, go through it and you could end up just about anywhere your imagination could take you. All very magical for a pre-adolescent! In my current era, the traditional form of door is no longer the one most sought after. More and more often, people are looking to design their homes from scratch or to redecorate/renovate an older house. Almost without fail, folks are looking to put in sliding closet doors.

One of the advantages to these type of doors is that they open so easily. There isn't any pulling on a door knob. You aren't having to deal with bowed wood that expands during times of high humidity. Sliding closet doors eliminate all of this inconvenience. In addition, they add to the value of your house, should you ever want to sell it. Because these doors slide, it means that they aren't hinged, and as such they do not fold into the living space whenever you need to get something hiding in the closet. You aren't going to slam up the furniture in the room, or knock over a vase sitting on the coffee table, behind the closet door. I can't tell you how many times I have done this sort of thing.

If you are going to invest in this type of door, it is best to purchase products made from hardwood such as Basswood or Spanish Cedar. Utilize the services of a company that uses mortise and tenon jointing as their joinery method. This is a tried and true process and one that brings a great deal of class to any architectural design. You also want to choose a company that can offer you many styles of Sliding closet doors, such as: fabric, bead board, glass, mirrored, and raised doors with both flat and recessed panels. Whatever style you choose, it will bring beauty, additional lighting and increased value to your property.

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek Behind Sliding Closet Doors

As a youngster, I discovered that the closet upstairs made quite the hiding place, so, in one of my more adventurous moods, I would open the closet door and close it behind me, nearly all of the way. I'd wait for an unsuspecting passerby, then jump out behind them while screaming! Apparently, I was responsible for the "near heart attack" of many family members. I was so delighted! Fortunately, I had great parents who took this all in stride and assured me that I would grow up "protected". Laughter. As years passed, and I became a parent, I opted out of traditional doors for my home and used Sliding closet doors in their stead.

One thing I like about this type of door covering is the variety of styles they come in. The sliding closet doors that are faced with mirrors are just lovely. They reflect the sunshine that comes in to the bedroom and it has such a glorious effect in the room. There is sun everywhere, being reflected and refracted all at the same time. Also, I love the ease in moving these doors so that I can get in to the closet. This matters because I developed arthritis a few years ago and the simplest of things became obstacles for me. There were going to be enough battles for me to overcome in the years ahead, ones that I would not be able to control so easily as selecting the type of closet doors I have in my home.

These style of doors allow for a great deal of creative use. The basement area of our home is a full basement with 8 foot ceilings. Fortunately, it is dry year round and there are eight windows built in to the foundation walls.

Sliding Doors Are User-Friendly

My husband and I have physical limitations. I was partially paralyzed as the result of a skiing accident a few years back. He lost an arm in an automobile accident when he was a teenager. Life has a way of connecting people who need each other. At least, this is what we both believe. As a result, we fell in love, married and purchased our very first house together. It didn't take us long to realize that some things would need to be changed. Things such as how the bathrooms were set up and how traditional closet doors would have to be switched out with sliding closet doors. You buy the house you love, you work with it and you make it your home.

Given that money wasn't an obstacle, we decided to look at sliding doors of unique design and quality. I don't much like mirrored doors. I know what it is I look like. Nothing is going to change from day to day. I want to look at something that isn't my own reflection. For the bedroom, we decided upon some Asian style Sliding closet doors, made from the thinnest of frosted glass and painted in traditional Japanese fashion. Light from the bedroom would play on the panels and illumine the artwork. It's a great way to begin one's day, don't you think? For all of the closets throughout the house, sliding doors were put in. Some were made of raised panels, some were made of linens, some were covered in Asian tapestries, etc…All were individually designed with the help of a consulting Interior Designer. Each sliding door became the central feature in a room which brought a sense of unity to the space.

My favorite sliding closet doors were the ones placed in the kitchen as they lead out to the dining and living rooms. These doorways had to be extended in width and recessed runners had to be inlaid before the doors could be installed. Here too, we designed linen covers for the doorways. They allowed light to flow through them but no sense of privacy was ever lost. Our guests have told us many times that they find our home genuinely relaxing and welcoming. This means a great deal to my husband and me. We know what it's like to feel "different" and we don't want others to feel this way when in our home.

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