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Pink and Green Bathtub? A Bathroom Rescue Plan!

Remodeling a bathroom can increase the value of your home and just make it more functional and attractive. Making small and even economic changes in your bathroom can make all the difference, and much of it, you can do on your own.

bathroom 11. Decide What You Want to Do

Remodeling a bathroom is a great idea because it can easily increase the value of your home. Of all the rooms in your house, the bathroom is one of the best places to make changes, if you want to not only beautify your home but also increase the value. Even if your house is only ten years old, the bathroom is probably the room that shows the age. Simply updating the cabinets, replacing the shower with a bath, or moving things around to make a more functional structure can reach a long-term monetary gain. Also, homeowners find that bathroom remodeling can instantly spruce up a home and make a home feel new and more welcoming.

If you are remodeling your bathroom immediately, you can update the look without spending much money. Consider what changes you can do without resorting to the bank. Bathroom vanities, bathtubs, showers, and flooring are elements of bathroom design that many homeowners are willing to invest in on their own. In addition, a homeowner can easily fix a bathroom with a couple of coats of fresh paint and some beautiful design touches: bathroom remodeling does not have to be expensive or extraordinary. Visit your local hardware store and quote the price of some of the items that interest you, you may find that some items of bathroom remodeling are so inexpensive.

Many homeowners believe that remodeling a bathroom is outside their budget, because of the prices associated with a professional contractor. If you are good at odd jobs in the house, the chances are you can do some of the work and save money. Essentially, you can get your remodeling project done by yourself and this will result in a more economical project. But if you feel a little uncertain about your remodeling abilities, it may be a better idea to leave the remodeling to the professionals. Some remodeling may involve complex tasks like changing the pipe or replacing the tiles. If the aforementioned tasks are not completed properly, homeowners can expect to encounter a major problem on their hands.

2. Create a Remodeling Plan

The key to bathroom remodeling is creating a plan that can follow. The first thing to do is decide what will be replaced, updated, or added to existing bathroom design. If you are changing the design of the bathroom, you need to plan ahead to consult with a plumber (if you are not skilled in the art) to make sure you have water when needed and in a way that does not damage the house structure . Many plumbers will come to your home to help develop a plan for a fee for their service, but will not charge anything until they complete the work at home. When you create your plan, you need to consider in what order you attempt the completion of the projects. Demolition should always come first, which means you should remove everything that is going to be removed at once, if possible. This usually makes installing new items in the bathroom easier, and makes cleaning much easier. After you create your plan, you make a list of things you need to complete for the remodeling plan. For example, if you are replacing the tub, you should make a list of everything that is needed for this project, including the sealer, the tub, the plumbing for water, shower doors if necessary, the framework doors, etc.. Also, you must make a complete list, so you can calculate the total cost of your remodeling project. There is nothing worse than being in the middle of a project and realizing you do not have the money to finish it.

3. Review Your Budget

Once you have created your bathroom remodeling plan, it is time to review your budget further. Remember you do not need the best bathtub in the store or the best bathroom accessory that you can find. If you are willing to find a comparable item that costs less, you will realize that their money will go further when it comes to remodeling your bathroom. If you look at your bathroom remodeling budget and you know that you do not have enough money in the bank to cover the new costs, this is the time to stop and really think about how to proceed. You can do one of two things: you can make a part of the project, and when you have sufficient funds can finish the other projects later, or you can wait until you have enough money in the bank to finish the whole project in one. The choice is yours, but many homeowners have found it easier to break the project into pieces rather than face them all at once. If you made a list of all the products you need and you think you have enough money in the bank to cover the entire remodeling project, you must increase the amount of money needed by about five percent. Most remodels go over budget, simply because there are things that are not intended at the time. This excess in the bank will allow you to complete your bathroom comfortably without stress about not having the funds available immediately. This may be especially important if you are updating the only bathroom in your home!

4. Buy a Bathroom Vanity Unit

Many homeowners do not realize this, but often the bathroom vanity units set the tone for the bathroom. Even If your remodeling project is replacing the toilet, you might want to start with the bathroom vanity purchase. When you go to your hardware, you will notice that there are many options to choose from. You will need to consider the size of your bathroom and house style, as well as personal taste. When it comes to bathroom vanity units, there is truly something for everyone! If you do not find what you need in one place, you can usually find another! What you may not realize when you shop for vanity units is that, generally, you are buying only part of the installation cabinet. Most of the time you need to buy the counter or sink separately, so be sure to consider this when you are doing your budget! You usually buy the toilet first, then the sink, and the cap to put over it. Increasingly, you may be able to find together, but generally, this is not the case. Fortunately, most bathroom remodeling or upgrading things like the bathroom vanity cabinet and sink are in the same place at hardware stores, so you will not have to wander all over the place to find the toilet or sink that matches the vanity. In fact, you can just have fun putting it all together.

bathroom sink5. Decide on a Sink

As you may know, most homeowners inspect the bathrooms of a house very closely before you buy. In fact, in general, potential buyers can make the decision as to whether to buy a house based primarily on these two rooms, bathroom, and kitchen. One of the key pieces to choose is the sink.  Something you should consider when choosing your sink and the cap is how you can increase the value of a long-term home. If your bathroom remodeling project is being carried out in the master bedroom, you have to get two sinks in the bathroom, if possible. Most couples love the idea of two sinks in the master bathroom, enabling them to both prepare for the day at a time. It may not seem like a big deal to the people who already have two sinks in the master bathroom, but for those who share one, it is a big plus for resale! When choosing the sink, you may want to choose a sink that is not very stylish or themed. Many homeowners like the shell-shaped sink, but the young homeowners often prefer a simple shape. Why take the risk of not being able to sell your home long term, because you have chosen a sink in a particular way? Keep it simple and clean if you want to increase the value. Also, do not skimp on the tools, taps, these really make the sink look great.

6. Get Help When You Need It

If many of the bathroom remodeling projects can be done by the homeowner, you should get help when needed. If you are working on a project alone and can not understand what you need to do, do not be too proud to ask for help. Maybe you have a friend who knows how to replace the tiles or grouting the new tub? Before going to ask for professional help, call some friends and see if they can lend a hand. You will be surprised at how quickly you finish the project when friends help, and many can have these talents hidden but had no knowledge prior to this time. If you do not have any friends who can help, this is the time to call a professional. Often, you can ask a professional to enter the project and give you a lesson, or you can finish the job. Also, you can consult your hardware store, as they often have classes you can attend to learn a skill in just one afternoon. These classes are usually very affordable or even free. In the end, if you can not perform a task, you should seek professional help. This is especially true when it comes to plumbing and electricity, as these are not things with which you should play around with on your own. Again, the help of a professional will cost more, so this is often the reason for having the additional budget of one to five percent, just in case something happened that you could not handle on your own! Eventually, the assistance of professional remodeler actually saves money for a homeowner, a professional can ensure that bathroom remodeling is done right the first time, which will save homeowners with additional costs of labor in the future.

modern bathroom7.Make Sure Your Bathroom Will Not Date

One thing to consider when doing a bathroom remodeling is that you want it to stand the test of time. You do not want your efforts only valid for a year or two, and this is why it is very important to choose sinks, fixtures, flooring, and even a bathtub that are attractive, but simple in design. This does not mean you can not choose what you like, it just means to keep things a bit more basic. Remember that terrible story of gold bathtub that was in the bathroom before you arrived? You want to prevent the same thing happening to you or other owners in the future, just because the type or color of the soils are no longer popular. The best thing to do is keep things neutral, simple and clean. If you are undertaking a bathroom remodeling project of a house that you know you will live forever in it, then you need not worry about this much. You can then create a bathroom that is all gold, all pink or whatever style you like…go ahead! No need to think about the future resale value, but once you remodel your bathrooms, it is a consideration that most want to do. Usually, there is a middle ground in which the homeowner can reach a bathroom design that you want to also be something that will improve the value of the house. This can be a difficult balance, and that is why you should not rush into the bathroom remodeling, if possible. It’s usually a good idea to consider all your purchases before buying when it comes to bathroom design and to not do any impulse shopping, as you may regret it later.

8. Don’t Give Up Half Way Through

Bathroom remodeling is exciting in the beginning, because you can see the final product. The problem for many owners is that they lose their motivation when the project is only partially completed. You should do your best to create a redevelopment plan that includes a realistic timetable. This will help you move forward and you will see progress as you work. If you get frustrated in the middle of the project, do not give up, maybe ask a friend to give you a hand as this will be good for motivation and company. A great idea is to take pictures as you go and reveal it immediately. This will let you look week to week or even day to day at the images to see how far you have come. When you have this evidence in front of you, it can serve as motivation to keep working even when you are tired and really do not feel like finishing it!

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