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Old Wives’ Tales? Cleaning Tips and Tools

Cleaning is, unfortunately, part of life.  Your home is where you spend so much of your time and you need to keep it clean.  I don’t like cleaning and you probably don’t either.  If you don’t like cleaning then there are many ways to get around this problem.  You could hire somebody or somebody’s company to come out to where you need cleaning done and pay them a price to do it.

You could instead buy some products or tools that will help make cleaning easier and more enjoyable for you.   You can also search the net for lots of different tips and hints that will make cleaning easier.  If it’s cleaning around the house that bothers you then I just suggest handing it over to your better half! If that doesn’t work then you might want to think about hiring someone to come to your house once a week to clean it for you.  You can normally hire a cleaner for about $100 for a fair few hours.

When you clean, you need to buy cleaning solutions, cleaning products, and cleaning tools.  Some people like to go for natural products and solutions while others will just go for whatever is on special at the supermarket.  Some people need to be extra careful with what they use because they are sensitive or allergic to some products.  Different people find that different cleaning tools suit them better than others.  What works for one person might not for the next because we all have different needs and expectations.

cleaning bucketCleaning Tips

There are many good and helpful cleaning tips around.  Below are some of the cleaning tips to make your life a bit easier!

#1: Here is an easy way to clean oven racks and exhaust fans: Put one scoop of any brand of washing powder and hot water mixed together in the laundry tub, soak for a while depending on how dirty they are.

#2: Want to have sparkling clean stove top and oven door? Then use a fiber cloth designed for dirt and grease and cold water. Then dry with soft cloth magic.

#3: A quick an easy toilet bowl cleaning tip is to squirt some bleach around bowl leave for ten minutes or so, then use toilet brush over it and hey presto, a nice clean toilet for minimal effort.

#4: Want an easy way to clean windows? You will need a fiber cloth for glass, a drying cloth and cold water.  Wet the cloth and roll up.  Gently squeeze excess water out. Wipe over the window without scrubbing, for stubborn dirt keep on wiping over.  When finished cleaning, wipe dry with a cloth. Your window will come up with no smears. It is important to dry the window thoroughly. This an easy way to clean windows and uses no chemicals that damage the environment.

#5: An all-purpose cleaner which can be used on most surfaces then wiped clean with water is  3 tablespoons of cloudy ammonia, 6 tablespoons of bicarbonate soda and 3 tablespoons vinegar.

#6: Linen blinds can be cleaned by wiping them with a piece of bread or a dark sponge with warm vinegar and water.

#7: Chopping boards can be rubbed with vinegar or lemon before scrubbing. It takes odors away from boards by rubbing with salt and rinse in cold water.

#8: Want to remove tea stains from china, then squeeze a small amount of toothpaste onto a piece of damp cotton wool or sponge and rub lightly.

#9: If you want to clean your dishwasher then pour half bottle vinegar and run on a full cycle.

#10: Timber floors that are sealed can be cleaned with cold tea on a mop. Any wood surface in your house can be cleaned with detergent and hot water.

#11: Fridge and freezer cleaning, sprinkle few drops of lemon or vanilla essence onto a damp cloth and wipe inside and shelves, they will smell nice and fresh.

#12: To clean your tile grouting, use bicarbonate of soda and old toothbrush.

#13: Marble can be rubbed with olive oil then rubbed down thoroughly with a soft rag or ¼ cup bicarbonate of soda in 500 ml water. You must scrub marble well.

#14: Silver can be cleaned with a paste of whiting and methylated spirits. This will remove the worst of the tarnish.  Another silver tip is to use cooking salt to remove egg stains from silver spoons.  To clean stainless steel wipe over with cream of tartar or lemon juice in hot water then wash it clean.

#15: To clean any sinks rub them with vinegar.

I hope you find these cleaning tips helpful. Cleaning Tools also make cleaning a lot easier.

brushesCleaning Tools

There are many and varied tools that can be used for cleaning. We all tend to choose what suits us best personally whether its length, color or environmentally friendly tools. Take mops, for example, there are cotton and poly cotton mops, electrostatic dust control mops, floor squeegees, foam squeegees mops and refills microfiber mops.


Other cleaning tools that people use are brooms.  You can get a polyvinyl broom used in kitchens and hallways. Synthetic bristles are more flexible. Push broom has a large rectangular head 24” to 60” in width and used for larger areas such as workshops and garage floors. Straw/corn brooms have natural bristles and are thick and rigid and used to sweep up large bits of dirt and debris. They can be used indoors in kitchens, hallways and more. They are also good for sidewalks, porches and outdoor areas. A wet/dry broom has thicker bristles spread further apart and is used for scrubbing floors, as well as removing large bits of debris. It can be used indoor/outdoor, is good for workshop cleaning and garage cleaning and can be made of natural materials.

Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are other helpful cleaning tools. There are three main types of vacuum cleaners on the market.  These are barrel, upright and handheld. Barrel vacuum cleaners have flexible hoses that connect to a wheeled canister unit containing a bag and motor. This is popular due to its storage ability and being able to fit the hose into awkward places. Upright models have traditional vacuum cleaner design – the suction pump is below the unit, while the bag is attached to a broom-like handle. They have rotary brushes inside the unit which helps suck up the dust. These are more effective in collecting the dust, but difficult to use in narrow places and on stairs. Handheld vacuum cleaners are small, usually battery operated and can be used with one hand. They are handy for cleaning up small spills but are not suitable to clean the whole house.


Everybody uses buckets. There are many different types, styles, and colors of buckets. There is just the general purpose plastic bucket that comes in a range of colors and is fairly cheap to buy. They come in oval, square, rectangle and round shapes. They can also have a wheelbase which fits on to the base of a bucket for easy mobility. Buckets can be made from many different materials. Some are plastic, galvanized, and stainless steel.


Most people use some sort of cloth for cleaning. There are a large variety of different types of cloths which can be purchased for cleaning.  There is the general standard house wipe cloth that starts at a very cheap rate up to the more expensive brands, some are sold in small amounts in packets or individually or you can by them on a roll which works out most times cheaper. Most cloths these days are environmentally friendly even when disposed of.

There are many different cleaning tools out there and many different cleaning tips to use them.

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