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Light Up Your Life With 3 Quirky Lighting Ideas

#1: Go for a Cool & Contemporary Floor Lamp

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Decorating a new home or apartment is a fun and exciting experience for most but the vast options are occasionally overwhelming. Before setting out to accent your home with everything from modern floor lamps, desk lamps, pictures and other decor, a little preparation will go a long way. Many people choose to focus on lighting as the first step in house-warming.

First, you want to decide where you want to put lights and what kind of lighting you will utilize. There are modern floor lamps, desk lamps, accent lamps and more to choose from. Space and light brightness are the two biggest functional factors when picking a great modern lamp. Depending on the intended use for the lamp, you will decide if a modern accent lamp with low light for decoration will be suitable or if a bright contemporary desk lamp or floor lamp is needed for reading. Another important factor is the power consumption of the contemporary lamp. Energy costs are rising and finding a modern lamp with a good wattage range will help reduce your electric bill. Reading lights usually need to have at least 100 watts where accent lamps are fine to be 100 watts or lower. You may opt to go with modern lamps that allow compact fluorescent bulbs since these are much more efficient. Picking a light with more wattage is not really necessary for home use, but do not pick such a dim light that causes eye strain when reading or other activities.

Next, you want to take note of the colors in the room you will add the modern floor lamp. Matching the colors exactly is not necessary but you definitely want similar colors or colors that complement each other. Also, keep in mind the footprint size of the base of the modern floor lamp along with the height. If you have ceilings that are low then you need to keep this in mind when shopping for your lamps so they will fit. The height of the lampshade is another important factor whether the lamp will be on the floor or on top of a table, dresser or other furniture. Usually, you want the lamp shade to be at the same height as your head as a general rule of thumb. Picking a modern floor lamp out online and having it delivered is a great way to save money but also requires that you review the measurements in the product description. Check the size with the future location of the modern lamp to eliminate size concerns.

Modern floor lamps are made from a variety of materials and it is a good idea to get a light that will complement your current furnishings. Sometimes this means picking a floor lamp that uses the same materials as your furniture while other decors give great flexibility in the material that matches. Remember that shopping for a modern floor lamp or any other home decor should be a rewarding & exciting experience, you just need to take your time.

#2: Create Style & Class With a Crystal Chandelier

modern chandelier

Good light effects can make things more attractive and beautiful. It can also enlighten and give life to a lonely place. Light can also set moods in a certain place and somehow put out some emotions into it, creating an atmosphere.

It is really rare nowadays to see lights that are hung on a high ceiling. Most of the lights that we can see in different homes today are fluorescent lights. Some people use lampshades on their side table and some have decorated round lights on the middle of the ceiling have corner lights on a room. Corner lights usually vary the brightness of the light from dim to bright. It can change the setting of a room.

But nothing can be compared to the light that a crystal chandelier can bring, it gives an elegant look into a room and a style that you may imagine most rich people have in their homes! A crystal chandelier is really a good light that an individual can have in their home. Aside from the fashion that it can give to your home, it can also be used to give brightness and good effect of light in a room.

The light reflection of a light in a crystal is one that adds beauty and elegance to the chandelier. It is usually hung on a high ceiling and the higher ceiling you have, the bigger crystal chandelier you need to give the right effect. The crystal chandelier is really a classic decoration that a home should have; it portrays a traditional look and at the same time gives a modern style of light to your home.

It is worth noting that if you are planning to have a chandelier above a dining table, you should take note of some precautionary measures. A crystal chandelier should be placed on a high ceiling at least 30 inches above the head of the tallest person in your home to avoid head bumps.

Additionally, before deciding to have a chandelier into your home, you must need to learn on how to maintain the cleanliness of the chandelier. Usually, if a crystal is not maintained, dust will cover the crystal and it will not give the effect of light that is used to have. You may need a long handed feather duster or a high ladder to clean up the chandelier. You may also need to disassemble the crystal, clean each crystal and soak in water with a detergent soap.

#3: A New Ambience in Your Garden With Post-Top Lights

garden lighting

Garden post-top lights, garden bollards, spike lights; these are the practical boys in the garden lighting family. These are the garden light fittings that define pathways, illuminate drives, and make sure that your great aunt Clarissa doesn’t fall down those garden steps in the dark.

However, this ‘backbone’ of the garden lighting world has another string to its bow; it makes good accent lighting too! For sure, put post top lights around your decking and at the entrance to your driveway but don’t forget to think about the effects the light creates.

Accent and decorative lighting work on the basis of shadows created rather than the light itself. A pool of light is a pool because it is surrounded by shadows. Does that make sense? By noticing where the pools of illumination from your post top garden lights fall you can create all sorts of effects, yet provide practical lighting at the same time. Imagine that you have four post top lights at the boundaries of your decking, one in each corner, and then in your mind’s eye picture the pools of light falling symmetrically rather than haphazardly.

Get the picture? That is just a simple example, by having the light fall onto plants or architectural features, there is no end to the effects you can create.

The difference between designers and ‘us’ is that designers notice small, seemingly unimportant details, and make use of them. Start to think like a designer and practice with garden post top lights, you’ll be improving your garden’s safety at the same time.

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