Help, I Need a Locksmith! 6 Tips to Get it Fixed Quick

Door Lock InsideUpgrading Your Locks

If you’re concerned about your home security you’re not alone. Many homeowners become concerned about their home security when they learn that someone close to them has been victimized during a home invasion, robbery or other such events. Others may be concerned about news reports about the general decline in a neighborhood over time, or due to increasing crime rates. The easiest and most effective way to go is to upgrade your locks for better home security.

Door Locks

You may not realize, but today there are different grades and qualities of locks that you can install on your exterior doors. Some of them are relatively easy for robbers to break into, but others offer much-improved security. Many security experts now recommend that homeowners must use deadbolt style locks that are equipped with a bolt that’s at least one inch in length. This deadbolt should be of high quality with a grade one or two, and should not have any screws exposed. To supplement this deadbolt, a door chain is also recommended as this can further deter criminals from entering your house.

For some homeowners, keys are a big hassle. They either get forgotten, lost when needed, or else relegated to an already overburdened keychain. The best solution that can also improve home security manifold is keyless lock. These locks come in many varieties and are produced by a number of manufacturers, but they all offer one big benefit-no more worrying about where your keys are!

Convenience is not their only advantage, as they also bring peace of mind to their users. Most high tech models come with special security features and their biggest plus point is that they cannot be “picked”. Also, it’s impossible for someone to gain illegal entry in your house by using a misplaced key.

The benefits of these locks are numerous. Never again will you be locked out of your own house or business just because you forgot your key. Therefore, there is no ore any need keep a spare key hidden under the mat, or amongst the bushes. This alone is the biggest reason to purchase a lock set, as nobody wants to give potential would-be robbers a hassle-free access to their house.

You can get keyless locks in a wide variety, but some models are more popular, including mechanical keyless locks, internet controlled locks, electronic locks, and even ones that use your fingerprints to allow entry. Prices of these locks vary, just as their technology does, but increased price is easily justified by added ease and security.

Window Locks

Doors are not the only way that robbers can enter your house. Many windows are just as easy to open when left unlocked by homeowners. Even the most basic latches used on glass windows and glass patio windows will not prevent a motivated criminal from entering your house. You can upgrade your window locking system by installing deadbolt style locks that are specifically designed for windows. A good locksmith can supply you the same at most attractive rates. You can also find them at many home improvement stores. You can install them on all of your home’s lower-level windows as well as those that are easily accessible by climbing nearby fences, trees or other features on your property. These provide added security and can more effectively deter criminal activity on your property.

If you want to upgrade your locks for better home security, you should consider hiring a professional locksmith. They are lock experts who have years of hands-on experience and knowledge about locking mechanisms on windows and doors alike. A locksmith can inspect your home and provide you helpful recommendations for improvements in your windows and doors alike. Furthermore, you can hire them to upgrade your locking mechanisms to enjoy hassle-free security enhancements.

locksmithTips For Locksmith Assistance

At one point in time, almost every household needs a locksmith to come to their home. This may involve lock repairs, security upgrade or due to an emergency. The most common emergencies involve loss of entrance keys, passwords or response failure of a security door. Irrespective of how stressful the emergency might be, it is always very important to be very careful with the locksmith chosen for the job. Making the wrong choice may invite a non-qualified locksmith or invite unexpected charges and insecurities.

In case of locksmith assistance, outlined are tips for hiring a locksmith:

Tip 1: Enquire About a License

Upon arrival of the locksmith, enquire about the locksmith’s license if you’re in a state that requires licensing. A qualified legally operating locksmith should carry a pocket version of the operating license. If the locksmith does not have the license, don’t offer the job. Also, don’t pay anything to the locksmith just because of showing up.

If the locksmith is licensed, always ask for the receipt after the service; ensure the receipt has the company’s logo name and supporting credentials. This will come in handy in case of poor service.

Tip 2: Contact 24-Hour Locksmiths

In case of an emergency or a security upgrade that needs a locksmith, locksmith firms that operate 24 hours and are reviewed to have fast response are the best alternatives. This is because emergencies can happen anytime, day or night. Moreover, a locksmith system might fail at any time, day or night, which makes it easier to reach the 24-hour locksmith for after sale services.

Tip 4: Contact Your Insurer

If the car doors lock and fail to open, or the car keys are misplaced, contact your insurer first for advice. In most cases, motor insurance companies work jointly with professional locksmiths to ensure their clients get professional help. In the event that you involve a locksmith and things go wrong without contacting the insurer, then it is under your own risk since you admitted liability.

Tip 5: Work With the Worst Case Scenario

When negotiating the service fees with the locksmith, always work with the worst case scenario. Always inquire about any shortcomings that may crop up and what they might cost. A professional locksmith will be able to foresee any risks of installing a new hardware or servicing your door. Also, ensure that the locksmith has all the information about the area being repaired. This will help to prevent any hidden charges at the end. Additionally, ensure the locksmith firm is insured in case of a mistake that may bring further harm.

Tip 6: Ask for Recommendations from Friends and Neighbors

It is much safer to work with a locksmith who is known and positively popular. Such a locksmith is most likely to do a good job. Check for testimonials online about the locksmith and previous experiences. The more information you have about the locksmith, the safer it is.

Tip 7: Do NOT Do it Yourself!

Finally, do not try to fix emergencies or security upgrades yourself. If you have no expertise, you are most likely to do sub-standard work which will invite extra costs. Locksmith work is an art that needs qualifications and professionalism.

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