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Gardening On The Go With Portable Greenhouses

In Praise of Portable Greenhouses

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Since full-sized, regular greenhouses can really be expensive and costly to maintain, it may be impractical for many small home gardeners to build one. In this article, we discuss the benefits of owning a portable greenhouse.

Greenhouses are becoming more and more popular for people with a green thumb. Many home gardeners are becoming aware of the benefits a greenhouse can add to their garden. Since full-sized, regular greenhouses can really be expensive and costly to maintain, it may be impractical for many small home gardeners to build one.

However, there is no need to fret! There are now new portable and mini greenhouses available for purchase that can be conveniently placed in your garden. These portable greenhouses are ideal for gardeners who want to start their growing season early in the spring and extend it during the fall. These are also best for winter crops and are inexpensive too.

Because these greenhouses are portable, they are light in weight and compact for easy setup, taking down and transporting. Most of these portable greenhouse kits can be set up in 30 minutes or even less. And because they are compact, they can easily be stored in any convenient place in the garage or closet when it is not yet time to use them.

What Do Portable Greenhouses Do?

Portable greenhouses, just like the traditional ones, trap heat coming from the sun during the day through its covering and keep the heat radiated by the soil during the night to keep the surroundings warm enough for the plants. When a portable greenhouse is closed, it also traps in moisture which helps reduce the frequency of watering the plants inside.

A portable greenhouse is ideal for early planting of seeds, protecting the tender plants from the cold climate, starting perennial seeds in summer, fast rooting because of the need to transplant, and growing different kinds of plants that are not commonly grown in the area. This can also be used over winter for plants especially when heated.

Why Portable Greenhouses Are Becoming Popular

Gardeners are being continuously interested in these portable greenhouses and increase in sales of these products is evident. For one, these portables take no time to set up to get them going right away.

Taking them down when it is not time to use them is also hassle-free. A greenhouse is not really needed to be up all year round especially for small-time plant growers. Thus, mini and portable greenhouses are ideal for their needs.

For first-timers, a portable greenhouse is also recommended since this will give them the feel of having a real greenhouse before they consider building a real, full-sized one. And these portables are also inexpensive and less costly to maintain. This allows for them to jump-start their gardening career without having to spend a lot of money to buy all those greenhouse supplies that are required for the big ones. Also, installation is significantly quicker and easier than permanent ones so no additional or advanced tools are required.

Garden enthusiasts interested in extending and protecting the life of their plants during winter will surely enjoy the benefits of a portable greenhouse. Wintertime is the ideal season to bring out a portable greenhouse. Garden buffs can easily put up the portable greenhouse in just a matter of minutes to maintain the freshness and moistness of plants. It is a convenient and transferable structure that can be set up. The structure is light enough to be carried from one location to another by at least two people without damaging it.

A portable greenhouse can also be used during other seasons like summertime to help maintain a steady growing environment for plants. In the fall, a portable greenhouse can be used to intensify sunlight exposure since it is around this time of year when the days become shorter.

These portable greenhouses come in different shapes and sizes. It can be as little as a small tent that fits only 2 plant shelves. There are some that look like portable closets that are around 6 feet tall. And there are also bigger ones as tall as 7 to 8 feet and are designed like a dome. These big ones can fit up to 3 to 4 bigger shelves inside.

Gardening Tips

Weather can really be unpredictable. So when a sudden cold snap occurs, burlap sacks filled with leaves can be thrown over the sash on the frame or covering during the night to prevent too much cold to get inside. Bales of straw or hay may also be stacked against the frame.

For extreme summer sunlight protection, some sort of shading can be used to prevent plant damage. Examples of covering that can be used as a shade are knitted shade covers, old bamboo blinds, and lath.

Plants inside the greenhouse should also be watered as early in the day as possible. This is to allow for quick drying of the soil before it gets dark. Improperly managed drainage and keeping the soil wet can pose problems later on and may not be a good gardening experience for beginners.

Whether you are a novice or already an experienced gardener, having a portable greenhouse may be beneficial to your gardening needs. Being able to transport your greenhouse in a convenient and more strategic location is always possible with this portable version. Maintaining and taking proper care for this portable greenhouse is also not as costly and demanding than the permanent, full-sized ones.

Using Portable Greenhouses As A Gardening Alternative


A portable greenhouse is a huge space saver that can help jump-start spring planting that can be continued until the fall. In addition, there are many other benefits to owning a portable greenhouse.

The portable greenhouse is an excellent alternative for garden enthusiasts to indulge in their favorite activity given a small space and budget. A portable greenhouse is a huge space saver that can help jump-start spring planting that can be continued until the fall. Compared to traditional greenhouse structures, the portable greenhouse is easy on the pocket. Assembly can be done in under an hour plus no tools are required to put together a portable greenhouse. When finished, a portable greenhouse can easily be taken apart and stored in a closet, garage or basement.

Like most greenhouse kits, a portable greenhouse is designed to have screened doors and screened vent opening that allow for optimal air distribution within the structure. The vents can be opened in order to let outside air inside the structure in preparation for transplanting the plants within to an outdoor environment. When the vents are closed, the portable greenhouse becomes a waterproof structure that helps encourage and sustain humidity levels at a high rate that is favorable to the growth of plants.

The construction of a portable greenhouse is virtually indestructible as most commercial products make use of UV resistant material that is treated to protect it against rips or tears. The openings are fastened together using either Velcro snaps or zipper enclosure. Portable greenhouses that incorporate a zipper design can be joined together using a unique interlocking zipper-system that can create an extended handy hothouse to accommodate more gardening.

The most common materials used for the walls of a portable greenhouse are polycarbonate or polyethylene plastic while the roof and framing would be made of aluminum. The prices of portable greenhouses start at $ 250 wherein a $ 400 structure would be about five by eight in dimension.

A Portable Greenhouse vs. A Permanent Greenhouse

More and more garden enthusiasts are using portable greenhouses to suit their gardening needs. Mainly because portable greenhouses are less expensive compared to permanent structures. At the same time, not everyone has a spacious backyard that can accommodate a full-scale greenhouse.

Although the term permanent may bring to mind a sturdier construction compared to a portable greenhouse, many of the portable greenhouse structures sold in the market today are made of heavy-duty materials that can hold out in any season, rain or shine. In addition, the available sizes for a portable greenhouse are as small as 6 feet by 10 feet and can extend to a considerable size of 50 feet by 100 feet.

Types Of Portable Greenhouse

Portable greenhouses are available in various styles to accommodate the particular demands of every garden enthusiast. A lean-to style portable greenhouse can be attached to the shed or garage of any home, which at the same time can serve as an extension for the house like a sunroom.

Miniature portable greenhouses are also available for gardeners who have very minimal space to accommodate a standard sized structure. These miniature structures are generally collapsible and are ideal for small plants like perennials and shrubs. Another version of a miniature greenhouse measures approximately 3 feet and 5 inches by 1 foot and 11 inches. This box-size portable greenhouse is ideal for vegetables and young plants during the early spring.

The basic greenhouse structure is also available as a portable greenhouse. This type of structure is still quite popular among garden enthusiasts who even though have ample space to set up a permanent greenhouse prefer using a portable structure that can easily be disassembled to free up space for other activities.

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