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Choosing Landscaping Plants

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No matter what style or size your project is, eventually you’re going to have to choose landscaping plants …

Most people would probably tell you that they want their property to look as good as possible. Landscaping is a great way to add to the visual appeal and also the functionality of your yard or garden. There are unlimited possibilities for the things you can do with even a small yard. No matter what style or size your project is, eventually you’re going to have to choose landscaping plants. The species of plants that you select will depend on a number of factors. This is often the most difficult part of planning your landscaping design. Here are some of the things you’ll need to consider when choosing landscaping plants.

Climate And Soil Conditions

Obviously, one of your first concerns is going to be finding out which plants will grow best in your area. Different plants will thrive in different climates. There are thousands of beautiful plants out there, but the last thing you want to do is get one planted only to find out that it won’t survive in your area. Unfortunately, many greenhouses and nurseries will sell plants and flowers that aren’t even recommended for that growing zone.

The same thing is true with soil conditions. Even in your own yard, there may be several different types of soil. Some landscaping plants may not be hardy enough to do well in certain types of soil. For example, if the ground has a high clay content, some plants will not be able to survive as well as others.

Size And Shape And Color

The size and shape of the landscaping plants is another concern, especially the size they will reach when they’re full grown. If you’re landscaping in a small area, you want your plants to be sized accordingly. If the plants grow too large and crowd each other, not only will it not look right, but it will be unhealthy for the plants as well. The shape and color of the landscaping plants is also important. Usually, you will have at least a couple of different types of plants in any given area. They should compliment or contrast each other in a way that enhances the look of the entire scene.

Personal Preference

One of the most important factors when selecting landscaping plants is to choose something that you’re going to enjoy looking at. If you’re going to put all of this work into something, you’re going to want to enjoy it. That leads to the next point. Different plants require different amounts of maintenance to keep them healthy and attractive. This means you should also take into consideration how much work you are willing to put into your garden after it’s planted, and choose your landscaping plants accordingly. Some people don’t have the time or desire to put in the amount of work required by some plants.

It’s also important to select landscaping plants that are not going to attract pests or insects. Some plants are naturally pest resistant, and you should be able to find some that fit into your design. Taking some time to do a little research before you jump into your project will save you a lot of money and work later on.

garden sofaChoosing Your Garden Furniture

Now that you have chosen your landscaping plants, it’s time to think about the right garden furniture to complete the design. Every good landscape designer knows that the outdoor furniture that is included in the landscape design plan is a very important part of making the outdoor spaces work for the homeowner. When beautiful and durable furnishings are incorporated into the overall design of lawns and gardens, wonderful spaces are created that allow the owners and their guests to make the most of the enticing areas around the home.¬†Comfortable garden furnishings will help guests feel welcomed to your home and garden as well.

 A good landscape design not only creates beautiful surroundings, but the most beneficial landscaping concepts carve out additional living space that extends the effective square footage of a home. Depending on the size of your land and the actual design of the landscape, these outdoor living spaces can sometimes double the area people have for gatherings of friends and family. The seating arrangements make a huge difference in how well these spaces are ultimately used and how your guests will enjoy your efforts at entertaining out of doors.

There is a huge variety of outdoor and garden furniture that is available these days. Styles range from the very casual to the upscale and elegant. There are also many different types of materials from which outdoor furnishings are made, from the structure or frame of the item to the coverings and cushions that make them so comfortable to use.

When selecting garden furnishings, some people like to choose styles, colors, and textures that blend in and reflect the overall design of the landscaping around their home. This approach tends to create a harmonious blend that helps people relax and feel more drawn into the garden surroundings. Greens, browns and the more muted tones of nature are popular for those who like to create a gentle flow between their garden design and the furnishings they add.

Other homeowners enjoy furnishings for the garden that pop out and get attention. Often the colors are bright and the designs are bold and not meant to blend into the natural background. The pieces usually have an artistic feel and are meant to make a statement and sometimes reflect the personality of the homeowner. These kinds of choices in outdoor furnishings will create a lively atmosphere for fun and frivolity.

Another approach that some people take for their outdoor living spaces is to make you feel as though the patio or the garden you have just stepped into is simply a continuation of the interior living space. This is achieved by choosing styles, colors, and fabrics that very closely emulate the furnishings inside the house. Many people like this approach as it can trick the eye and make both the home and garden spaces seem larger as they flow together seamlessly.

In addition to properly setting up your outdoor living spaces with wonderful garden furniture, you want to be sure that you don’t neglect good lighting for the space. Landscape lighting is a wonderful way to further add ambiance and charm to your outdoor living areas, not to mention it is essential if you will be entertaining after sunset.

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