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Antique or Contemporary? Fun and Fabulous Furnishings

antique dresserAntique Furniture

Antique furniture can be owned as an investment rather than a hobby. The value of the antique, however, depends on a number of factors that are associated with the piece of furniture itself. The era, the age, the quality, are just a few indicators of price. Most collectors agree that to consider it an antique, it should be older than 100 years old. We can see American antiques in the style of age, for example, The Oak Age (1540-1660), The Walnut Age (1660-1730), The Mahogany Age (1730-1840), The Victorian Age (1830-1901). The rarity of the antique is determined by how many similar pieces of the same antique furniture are available for purchase. The rarer the antique, the higher value it has.

Like the experienced interior designer, you can place the antique furniture in scarcity throughout a home. In such a way, you enhance the décor by reflecting the actual value of the antiques. From the internet, you can easily see the stock of antique furniture. For example, American Victorian furniture has: antique dining sets, antique tables, antique cabinets, architectural pieces, antique entry gates, antique chandeliers, antique mirrors, antique stained glass, Steinway pianos, antique paintings, Brunswick pool tables, art deco sculptures, antique desks, American rolltop desks, Wooton desks, and furniture from the 19th Century Period. There you can find the premier American and French designers including Louis Majorelle, Pottier & Stymus, Belter, Herter Brothers, R.J. Horner, Thomas Brooks, the American cabinetmaker, and Emile Gallé, the acclaimed French Art Nouveau glassmaker.

There are a number of different styles of antique furniture depending on when and where it was made. Some of the valuable antiques can be bought from antique dealers and auction services or purchased online through websites and online auctions. You can collect the antique furniture as a particularly popular area of antiques due to the practical characteristics of these antiques. One of the great advantages of collecting antique furniture is a good investment. On the other hand, it is something that can be used and enjoyed every day.

Something that cannot be forgotten when collecting antique furniture is how to care it. There are three areas to consider when caring for antiques: proper cleaning, proper protection and maintaining a proper environment. Dust can actually damage the finish of wood, brass and other surfaces. Therefore, it is critical to make dusting a part of your weekly routine. How often you dust may also depend on your environment and location. Use only a soft cloth, and avoid sprays of any type, including furniture polish. Never dust with anything that may scratch the finish of your furniture, whether a dusting or cleaning compound or cloth that may have abrasive properties. The chemicals used in many of these products that are designed to repel dust and dirt may cause a weakening of the antique’s finish or even stain the wood. Remember, dust, direct sunlight and improper environment are furniture’s worst enemies.

Why not become a good collector of the antique furniture. Good luck!

modern sofaContemporary Furniture

Contemporary furniture seems to have a similar meaning with modern furniture. To distinguish the meaning of them, we need to see how people use it in fashion. The term contemporary is intended for something that could be used in modern and old-time fashion. So we get some perspective when talking about the contemporary furniture here, we need to realize that contemporary furniture can represent and be used with any kind of fashion, no matter if they are in modern style or old fashion style. For example, if you have one table set that could be used in both modern and old fashion decoration, we generally called them contemporary furniture.

There is a lot of contemporary furniture information available today on the internet. The homeowners can effectively choose the ideal contemporary furniture. The reason why people go for the contemporary furniture is because of our changing world, needs and technology trends that change rapidly. This is especially true for homeowners who love to change furniture and decoration style very often. For this group of people, it is not possible for them to buy new furniture every time that they want to change the look of the house. So using contemporary furniture may be the best choice for them as they can be adjusted to place in all environments and decoration styles.

Examples of types of furniture that become out of fashion very easily are sofas and dining tables. These two items of furniture are the first priority that you should look for in contemporary design if you are a person who loves to change decoration very often. The reason is that dining tables and sofas are the expensive items, so if you choose contemporary beforehand, you can save a lot of money on this.

Moreover, they not only save you a lot of money but also can be viewed in terms of flexibility that they can provide to your house. For example, if you have family members who love different kind of furniture styles and decorations, using contemporary design is the good way to make sure that one decoration could fit to everyone’s preference and you do not have to make any major modifications.

The contemporary furniture for your room in your home can be easily found by clicking on the categories you like. The furniture you like might be bedroom, dining, coffee table, barstool, digital art, home theater, recliner, area rugs and sofa products.

log furnitureLog Furniture

Log furniture can be found nearly everywhere. It is most popular in mountain resort areas such as ski lodges, cabins, or rustic condominiums. Many kinds of log furniture like sofas, beds, and tables can decorate your house with a special uniqueness because log furniture is a form of natural, hand-made freeform art.

All rooms in your house can be decorated with log furniture. Your living room, for instance, might have a log sofa and coffee table, or simply a few log furniture accessories, such as a log lamp stand or telephone table, for fun. Your bedrooms are also exceptionally cozy with one giant log bed and few other pieces of furniture in the room. An outdoor patio or deck, or a screened-in porch, can be especially cozy when decorated with log furniture.

If you have children, the log furniture can also cover children’s rooms.  Not only your dining room and kitchen but also your office can be decorated with the log furniture. With log furniture, even if you live in the city, you will feel as though the mountains are all around you.

Log furniture has a soul that whispers to us about our past when people produced furniture from the raw materials nature provided. It is practical and stirs our appreciation of human genius and resourcefulness. The uniqueness of the logs and slabs ensure that every piece of the log furniture presents a singular appearance.

In the traditional sense, most furniture is made from wood. Log furniture makers often rely on hand tools more than machines. The drawknife and spokeshave are essential tools used to peel logs and make tenons. Handsaws, chisels, hatchets and other hand tools are found in every log furniture crafter’s workshop. Log furniture is the antithesis of most conventional furniture. Traditional furniture makers favor pristine wood planks without knots or blemishes, while log furniture builders emphasize knots, diseased patches, and even tree bark.

Log furniture can be made in many types, with the rounded look of the original logs; many pieces still have the bark from the tree on them. Log furniture has also come to describe any type of handmade furniture, such as the Adirondack style of twigs and roots twisted together. Much of the log furniture for sale today is not made from real wood, but rather from processed wood or even plastic. Some people maybe choose the unreal-wood log furniture because they are usually not heavy and they are also not sturdy.

So there you have it! Three different types of furniture to make your home beautiful. What will suit your house? Vintage, modern or even a few logs thrown in for good measure. Have fun designing the perfect home.

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