6 Ideas To Consider Designing The Perfect Bookshelf

It’s no secret that nowadays bookshelves serve a much greater purpose than merely holding books. With the right ideas, even the most basically constructed bookcase can be transformed into an eye-catching piece of furniture. The trick is to avoid cramming the shelves with old textbooks or novels and instead focus on creating a book arrangement that’s thought-provoking and acts as a focal point for your living space.

1. A Bookcase Can Be a Great Display for Your Artwork

The back of the bookshelf is probably one of the most uninteresting places, but you can change this by painting or wallpapering this area to make it stand out more. If you have some extraordinary artwork like sculptures or a collection of artifacts you can use them to add a little prominence to your bookcase. Framed personal photos are the other items you can display to turn this space into a functional storage area.

2. Don’t Line Up All Your Books the Same Way

As you begin to place your books on the shelves, remember to start with the biggest volumes first. You can mix the books up a little bit to keep things interesting. Try stacking some books horizontally and arrange others vertically using bookends on either side. You may also mix the books and accessories according to size so that you end up with a blend of big and small objects. Another tip is to overlap some objects and position others at a slight angle. The result will be a more natural-feeling, less-regimented look.

3. Choose An Organization System That Suits You.

Some people prefer grouping books by color, while others go with the size or content. When arranging by color you may want to use for tomes that have decorative spines or covers that have outstanding colors. If you’re the kind of person who loves uniformity you could take off the book jackets for a more consistent look. There’s really no right or wrong way of arranging things, what’s important is that it’s appealing to your eye.

4. Accessorize Your Bookcase

Once you’re done arranging the books start adding the accessories. To create an illusion of more height for your shelf you can use a flower vase or a ceramic jar- anything that’s tall and slender. This way you will establish a kind of scale for the various objects in your bookcase. Make your bookshelf feel nicely full by adding sentimental pieces like family photos or mementos, together with pieces of art or even candles. If in doubt of how to proceed, try this: choose just one outstanding piece per shelf: This will create the anchor on which you’ll design each shelf’s arrangement.

5. Consider Alternative Ways to Use Your Bookcase

By now you’ve figured out that there’s so much more you can do with your book case than just fill it with books. Here’s a list of other imaginative ways to utilize this space: 

  1. Use it as a console table where you can enjoy the bonus extra storage space underneath.
  2. Turn it into a display for your shoes.
  3. Use it as a partition to divide an open space. You can achieve this by pulling it away from the wall to resemble a library.
  4. Use it as a small bar for cocktails.
  5. Turn your bookcase sideways and pull up a chair next to it. Presto! You have a great makeshift office!
  6. As a sort of wardrobe to store fabrics, pillows and other items in your bedroom.

6. Avoid the Temptation to Fill In Every Available Space

While you do want your bookcase to be as diverse and colorful as is practically possible, you don’t want it to be cluttered. It doesn’t hurt to allow the backs of some of the shelves to be seen.

Such “negative” space is important to prevent your bookcase from looking congested and generally giving it some kind of order.


Make no mistake, creating the perfectly styled bookshelf is an art and you’ll require time, much thought and effort to get it right. But the payoff is a living space that has a classy focal point that attracts visitors, and at the same time provides functional storage for your beloved possessions.

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