5 Ideas to Make Your Dishwasher Run Like New

The dishwasher is likely one of the home appliances you use often. Keeping your dishwasher running efficiently means less work for you in the kitchen. A dishwasher that is in good working order can also save you lots of money in costly repairs. Here are a few tips for dishwasher maintenance that will make using your appliance easy and efficient.

leave tap running

Before you start the dishwasher, turn the faucet on and run the water until the water is considerably hot. This helps to make the first dishwasher cycle hot. Hot water helps to remove food debris from your dishes more efficiently. This is also very helpful in the fall and winter, which it takes the hot water heater a long time to heat up.

2. Use The Right Cycle

Right Cycle

This is one of the tips for dishwasher efficiency that can also keep the quality of your dishes intact. Even though you may want to use a lighter cycle that takes a shorter amount of time to save money on your energy bills. But this will result in dirty dishes, and you’ll have to end up washing larger dishes by hand, anyway. Keep dishes at the same level of dirtiness together so you can wash them in an effective cycle, just as you would your laundry.

3. Don’t Overload The Dishwasher

Overload The Dishwasher

It will probably be tempting to cram one last bowl or plate into the dishwasher. But when the appliance is too full, none of your dishes will be their cleanest when the washing cycle is over. It’s best to wash a few dishes by hand to make sure that your dishwasher is not overloaded. Especially avoid stacking plates so close they are practically stacked sideways such that there is barely any room for the hot water to do its job, as this will be counterproductive.

4. Run The Dishwasher With Vinegar

When the dishwasher is empty, run it with vinegar. This will clean out the leftover food particles in the dishwasher and remove any foul smells that the food left behind. Vinegar can also remove toxins and debris that can cause the spread of germs. So not only are you keeping your dishwasher in good condition, you’ll be keeping your family safe as well.

5. Reduce Your Rinsing Aid

Reduce Your Rinsing Aid

If you’re looking for new soap for dishwasher, check to see if the detergent has a rinse aid. If so, there’s no need to add more rinse aid to your dish-washing cycle. If the dishwasher detergent doesn’t have a rinse aid, you can fill the rinse aid section of the dishwasher with white vinegar. The vinegar will be just as effective at rinsing your dishes and getting rid of water spots as a conventional rinse aid.

These tips for dishwasher care can keep your dishes looking brand new while preserving the function of your dishwasher. In addition to these tips, it’s also a good idea to keep the dishwasher trap clean. This keeps gunk for building up in the dishwasher and interfering with the washing process. Also, be sure that the water temperature for your dishwasher is between 120 and 125 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the best temperature for washing dishes and ensuring that all food particles are removed from your dishes before you remove them from the dishwasher.

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