5 Book Accessory Must-Haves For The Serious Reader

1. Transparent Book Weight

If you’re searching for the ideal solution to hands-free reading, this is the perfect accessory. Whether it’s for holding open cookbooks as you try out your favorite menus, holding yoga books open on the floor, textbooks while you’re studying or enjoying a novel while lying down the park or beach, you’ll find that nothing comes handier than the Transparent Book Weight. Not only does it protect your book from spitting fluids during cooking etc on the inside, unlike its competitors, but stops wind from flipping the pages over when you’re outdoors, ideal when you need your book flat on the floor/table rather than at an angle, for hands-free reading.


  1. Great for hands-free reading and holding up magazines.
  2. Comes with the perfect dimensions to match the most common 6" x 9" book size and can act both as a paperweight and page holder.
  3. With a thickness of 0.3" it’s thin enough to minimize distortion of the writing and heavy enough to hold down the pages of any book.
  4. Splash proof: protects against all kinds of spills whether it’s cooking, eating or drinks.
  5. Chic design: features an attractive acrylic design that’s tailor-made and ideal as a birthday gift or wedding present.

2. Kindle Paperwhite - Black

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