4 Ideas On Choosing The Perfect Area Rug

Area rugs are an essential home decor accessory and can serve a variety of purposes when you are decorating your home. They can be used to complete a look, much as a pair of shoes completes a fashionable outfit. Area rugs add warmth and color to a tile or hardwood floor. They can define a space within a room and can also be used as a connecting point between two rooms.

Size, design and wear are the top three considerations when you think of what type of rug would best suit your needs. All three factors will affect the way the rugs works with your room. Because area rugs fulfill such a versatile role, there is no end to the combination of choices. If can be somewhat overwhelming if you don’t have an example in your head of what you need.

Consider size first. Would you like to create one central focal point or do you want to separate a large room into sections? Think about where in the room you wish to place your area rug and if it is going to be used as a stand along attention getter or is it going to be placed under a piece of furniture such as a center or a side table. If you want to separate your room into sections think about how large you intend each section to be.

2. Design Matters

Area Rug

Rugs are available from the simple to the eclectic; what you choose depends upon the statement you wish to make with your area rugs. Whether you want something simple or extravagant, subtle or wild, this is a great way to express you decorating flair.

Do you want to add to an existing décor? This could narrow down your color and pattern options. When it comes to choosing the style, color and pattern of an area rug for an existing room you need to take into account the furnishings of the room. Picking up a few catchy colors from your furnishings is a great way to tie the room together for a look that is fresh yet coordinated.

Buying an area rug for a room that is yet to be decorated can be an exhilarating and daunting all at once. With an endless array of options you are sure to find exactly the thing you want and yet making that choice from among so many will require a lot of time and patience to make sure you get it just right.

3. The Question of Durability

rug durability

When it comes to wear, you want a product that will last. Consider the traffic patterns in the room. If your rug will be in a high traffic area, consider one with a thick, deep pile. They will usually hold up longer when subjected to heavy foot traffic.

Is there a chance of spills? Is there a pet in the home? Many rugs are now treated with a stain guard that will help sustain the beauty of your area rug. Pets often love to sleep on rugs, so it is best to consider a low pile for ease of cleaning up pet hair

Remember there really is no one style of area that fits everyone. As you search for the perfect rug, consider what you like. After all, you are the one who will see it and walk on it day after day. If you aren’t sure about a certain type of area rug, then keep looking. Most people will know what is perfect for the room when they see it.

4.  Cut Pile Carpet Alternatives

Cut Pile Carpets

If there is one part of your home that takes a beating more than any other, it certainly has to be the carpet. Just imagine the traffic that it handles day to day. Cut pile carpet it very popular with many people, even if it is not the hardiest of carpets.

A cut pile carpet is pretty much what it sounds like. It is comprised of loops of material that are then cut across the top. This creates a plush carpet that is full and luxurious in most styles. The downside is the carpet does not handle heavy, frequent traffic that well over longer periods and may get matted down. Regardless, there are a variety of cut pile carpets to choose from.

1: Frieze

Frieze is our first type of cut pile carpet. It is the hardiest of the cut pile carpets. It is a short carpet that is heavily twisted. This twisting creates a variety of directions for the yarn so that footprints and other tracks tend to not be apparent in the carpet as things move across it.

2. Saxony

A Saxony cut pile carpet is a product that is popular because of the lush feel to it. The Saxony is comprised of highly twisted pieces of material. They are then set straight and vertical with a heater. The classic Saxony cut pile carpet is soft and lush, but not a great carpet for day to day living. It is good for a formal dining room, but is going to degrade quickly if used in a child’s bedroom or a frequently used hallway. The Saxony will also show foot prints and other tracks. The Saxony, ironically, is a great carpet for areas where you are not going to really stand on it!

3. Plush Cut

Plush cut pile carpets are another step in the luxurious direction. This is a carpet similar to the Saxony, but it the fibers comprising it are lightly twisted. This makes the carpet super soft and very, well, plus. The carpet is even less durable than the classic Saxony and will show every indention that touches it. This means footprints, vacuum tracks and so on. It is a wonderful carpet for a very formal room.

The cut pile carpet is easily one of the most popular on the market. Homeowners get sucked in by the soft, lush feel of the plush and Saxony cuts. This is fine so long as you understand that the durability of these cuts is not so hot. Most people understand this and use the plush cuts in low traffic areas and the frieze cut in areas that get a lot of traffic. It is a winning strategy you might consider if you are looking to upgrade your carpet.

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