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10 Ideas On How To Reuse Coffee Grounds

Coffee, coffee, what would our mornings be like without coffee? Well, apart from kick starting our brains every morning, coffee can solve more problems for you than you think. Once you’re done with your coffee beans in the coffee making machine in the morning, don’t be quick to throw away the coffee grounds. Here are ten innovative uses of coffee grounds that you didn’t know about.

coffee Pin Cushions

Do you have small kids in need of toys? Perhaps you need somewhere to stack your needles safely? You can sew together a cushion then use dried coffee grounds to fill them then sew a pin cushion or bean bag. This is a fast and fun way to teach your kids how to sew such stuff.

2. Clearing Smelly Blocked Drains

If you are having trouble with your kitchen or bathroom sink, you can pour a handful of coffee grains in to the drain then pour a cup of boiling water immediately. The results appear instantly and your drain will flow smoothly.

3. Use It As Organic Fertilizer

Organic Fertilizer

Since coffee beans decompose naturally, they can serve as a great source of free nutrients for your home garden. This is a way of recycling most people have never considered so why not give it a try.

4. Getting Rid Of Cigarette Smoke On Garments

You can use coffee grounds while doing laundry to eliminate cigarette smells on clothes, blankets and curtains.Just sprinkle a handful into the wash and your clothes will come out smelling fresh thanks to this little trick.

5. Use It For Hair & Skin Nourishment

For Hair Nourishment

Experts in cosmetology agree that washing one’s hair with coffee grounds and two cups of warm water will greatly strengthen the hair roots on the scalp in addition to catalyzing the process of hair extension. The same benefits can also extend to skin products such as the oil on the left, rich in antioxidants and also used to increase blood flow to the face. 

6. Used For Exfoliation

Take your exfoliation to a new level by adding coffee grounds wit a few drops of vitamin E and note the wonderful difference from regular exfoliation. Coffee grounds have been known to stimulate facial blood vessels hence giving one a bright and relaxed face.

7. Effective Slug Repellent

slug repellent

The rainy season comes with the wanted and unwanted. Snails and slugs can be a menace but be dealt with quickly, easily and effectively. One trick is sprinkling coffee grounds onto your garden lawn, door openings and floors. These inquisitive creatures will be repelled instantly and, at the same time, no harm will come to them.

8. Wonderful Ant Repellent

If you are tired of ants invading your pantry, sprinkle some coffee grounds and the ants will vanish completely since the coffee smell works as a natural repellent.

9. Eliminates Refrigerator Odors

Eliminates Refrigerator Odors

A combination of soap, water and detergent will leave your fridge smelling as fresh as a daisy thanks to the coffee grounds’ powerful odor absorption properties. It is also a better alternative than detergent because the more detergent one uses to fight refrigerator orders, the higher the chances of contaminating stored food with the same detergent. Also, recent studies suggest exposure to harsher detergents could be as bad as smoking 20 cigarettes a day.

10. Add Flavor While Baking

Adding coffee grounds to the dough during baking will add a wonderful coffee flavor to cakes or cookies. It is a very affordable baking ingredient since coffee is readily available.

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